Custom Domains

Learn How to Use Custom Domains to Get the Most Out of Your Account 3 minutes read

We will discuss the benefits of owning your custom domains on, as well as the steps required to set them up.

Custom Domains - What are they?

A custom domain is a domain that you have purchased for you or your accounting firm. These domains are great for building your link marketing page. If you are an accounting firm located in Austin, Texas, as an example, you may have purchased already and would like to create a link marketing page.

Why should you use a custom domain to add link marketing pages on Accountant.Link?

There are several reasons you should use custom domains in conjunction with Accountant.Link premium domains for marketing your accounting firm.


Branding is possibly the top reason for custom domains. Having a custom domain that is in line with your accounting firm's image helps to develop consistency. Plus, clients understand what your firm can do for them just by looking at the domain name.

Do you currently own an ideal custom domain for your accounting firm (, but it's still inactive? The link marketing pages can help you quickly establish an online presence. Start marketing your firm and yourself now!

Perhaps you already have a website that promotes you or your accounting firm. Then you will want to maintain your brand. To do this, you can utilize subdomains for your link marketing pages, such as

Additional Promotion

SEO is all about quality backlinks to improve search engine results. The quality of backlinks is directly linked to higher search engine results. Link pages contain these important backlinks for your firm's website, plus provide clients with effortless means to get in touch with you. Moreover, these pages can also be used as mini-promotional websites to strengthen your brand and boost your SEO.

How do I make custom domains on

It's as simple as 1-2-3. This 3-step guide will help you get started with's custom domains.

Step 1

Add your custom domain in account.

Locate the profile dropdown in the upper-right corner of your dashboard. Then, go down to "custom domains" and click to continue.

Select "Create" to add a new custom domain. 

In a modal box, the IP or CNAME record information is displayed. It's essential to copy and keep this information on hand. Your registrar will require this information in order to point your custom domain to 

Insert your domain name into the Subdomain or Domain field. This URL address that how you will access your links with

The next step is to enter the desired index page URL address in the "Custom Index URL" field. Site traffic will be redirected to this page when only your primary domain name (like is used. This example uses the page of However, it depends on what information you wish to show consumers. Alternate options such as "Home" and "About Us" are also possible.

Continuing, enter the URL address of the 404-page you want into the "Custom 404 Not Found URL" field. This will redirect site traffic when they end up on a page not found of your domain.

And finally, select "Create." At this point, your new custom domain name is set up and incorporated into your account.

Your dashboard will now display the new custom domain name.

Your link marketing pages have direct access to the custom domain.

Despite your custom domain's visibility, it won't work until you address Steps 2 and 3 as well.

Step 2

Point your custom domain's CNAME records at

To do this, sign in to your domain name registrar account. Follow the directions provided by your registrar. These are links to some of the most well-known domain registrars that allow you to modify CNAME records.

Google "change CNAME Records at X" if your registrar is not listed above.

Step 3 

Email Us to Complete Setup

You will need to email us at [email protected]. Include your Username and Custom Domain Name, and we will add everything to your account.

Before any custom domains are activated, we examine them to confirm that they comply with our terms and conditions. Then we check the DNS, connect SSL security to your custom domain, attach it, and verify its functionality. 

Do you have questions before getting started?

Let us help! Feel free to contact us anytime.

Last updated on: 25 June, 2021