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Can Your Clients Locate Your Accounting Firm?


Here's a simple question for you. How can your clients find your accounting firm if your business information online is either incorrect or completely missing? The answer is - they can't!

The first step to marketing potential clients using Accountant Link is making sure your online business information is accurate throughout all possible internet directories. Without this crucial step, you will never be able to attain the desired success for your accounting firm.  


It seems like a daunting task, right?  


Wrong! LOCALSYNC has a tool that can scan and analyze your accounting firm location over more than 60 local online directories. Consequently, providing you peace of mind knowing that your business information is accurate across the board or where you might need to make corrections.


Additionally, the LOCALSYNC scanning tool also assesses your business website, social networking profiles, together with other metrics, to provide you a comprehensive look at how you (and your accounting firm) are performing online.


And the cherry on top, it's FREE!


Don't lose any more clients to incorrect information and scan your accounting firm now.

Last updated on: 4 June, 2021