Premium Domains

Learn more about how to use premium accounting domains to promote your link pages. 2 minutes read

What are Accountant Link Domains? How can I use them?

Looking for a more distinct domain name to help market yourself or your accounting firm?  

Begin with; however, don't stop there. A premium subscription to comes with access to alternate premium domain names related to the legal field. Moreover, you can use these domains for your link marketing pages, expanding your reach.

These are some samples of premium domains.

Take "taxes," for example. Imagine a page called "taxes," which contains all of your tax service links. premium includes the domain "taxhelp." You can also create a taxhelp/YourName page to promote your tax service listings as an add-on to your page.

Another suggestion is to go with a location-based link marketing page. Maybe you are located in Orlando, Florida; therefore, you could choose or taxhelp/Orlando. offers the below premium domains at the moment

These are the current domain names, along with that are included in your premium subscription: is a perfect option for accountants to promote their accounting firm, accountants within the firm, and even themselves.

Comptroller questions? has a premium domain for that! Compile a list of regulations to pass onto your clients.

Are you a certified public accountant? Create a page where you can include all your contact information in one place.


Does your accounting firm concentrate on tax preparation? Then taxhelp is the page domain name for you! You can customize your taxhelp/YourCompany pages to include tax prep required documents, taxation rules and regulations, and more.

How to Apply Premium Domains?

Premium domain names are only available to those who have a Premium or Professional account. Once you have registered, click on "Create Project" in your dashboard.

Then, choose a name and color for the project and click on "create." 

Once you have started your Sample Project, it is time to build a new page or edit an existing page. Click on the "View link pages" hashtag.

Next, click on "Create Link" by selecting the "Accountant Link Page" from the popup menu.

Here you choose from the modal to start a new page.

Then view available premium domains from the dropdown menu and make your selection accordingly.

"Taxhelp" is selected in this case. Next, type your desired text after the domain and click "Create page."

From here, you will see your new taxhelp page. Complete the page by filling in all your business details.